Weekly Newsletter: 06/21/2021

Boycott List Updates

New Woke Additions:

Macy Gray

Katy Perry

Orlando Bloom

Cracker Barrel

Victoria's Secret

Updated Woke Information:


Disney +


Wells Fargo


Urban Outfitters

New Unwoke Alternatives:

Dunkin Donuts

Conservative Grounds

Dutch Bros

American Patriot Coffee Company

The Patriot Coffee Company

Weekly 'Go Woke, Go Broke' Company: Starbucks

Every week we will be choosing a new woke company to boycott as a group. Hopefully these boycotts will be habit forming and extend past the weekly challenge. The more we resist to finance the moral corruption and dismantling of our freedoms, the sooner we will see positive change.

Latest Blog

Unwoke Boycott Challenge: Media

- Unwoke Expert

Six elitist corporations control over 90% of what we read, watch or listen to. This allows them to collude and limit what is viewed.