This site is designed to be a landing spot to help Americans find the truth.

Our goal is to give everyone the tools that are needed to take back our country, states, cities and schools.

The Mainstream Media consistently pushes the leftist agenda through misinformation and twisting of the truth. They will outright lie and censor positive information to keep people ignorant and uninformed. They want their narrative to be considered the absolute truth, especially on issues like Biden's 'election', Covid-19 'statistics', and 'terrorism' at the Capitol. At the same time they suppress the truth and gaslight anyone who tries to come forward on these topics. Opposition is not tolerated.

As one of the left's heroes once said: "Ideas are far more powerful than guns. We don't let our people have guns. Why should we let them have ideas?" --Joseph Stalin

Our hope is to enlighten and inform those who are tired of the corruption by linking articles and facts that the media tries to silence.

The liberals / fascists have been successful because they are loud and work as a group to destroy anyone who opposes them through boycotting or other means. We need to be louder. We need to stop giving money to companies with Anti-American values. We need to stop letting people who hate our country destroy it. The change starts with us.

To be a true leader in this struggle, we must follow the same rules. This site is run on a Linux server that we control with many open-source technologies. We will not have accounts on the social(ist) media sites and we won't link to common news and product sites.