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Name Wokeness Industry
Garth Brooks10 Extremely WokeCelebrity
Bud Lite (parent company: Anheuser-Busch)10 Extremely WokeProducts
Budweiser (parent company: Anheuser-Busch)10 Extremely WokeProducts
Anheuser-Busch10 Extremely WokeBusiness
Pizza Hut08 Very WokeRestaurants
State Farm Insurance10 Extremely WokeFinance
Penske08 Very WokeProducts
Penzey's Spices10 Extremely WokeProducts
Carhartt08 Very WokeProducts
Heartland Financial10 Extremely WokeFinance
DirecTV (parent company: AT&T)10 Extremely WokeEntertainment
Salvation Army08 Very WokeCharity
Morton Salt08 Very WokeProducts
Expensify08 Very WokeFinance
SimpliSafe08 Very WokeTechnology
Cumulus Media10 Extremely WokeEntertainment
Fiserv08 Very WokeFinance
Spotify08 Very WokeSocial Media
Pathways08 Very WokeBusiness
Toyota06 Mostly WokeProducts
T-Mobile USA06 Mostly WokeTechnology
PetSmart Inc06 Mostly WokeProducts
Office Depot Inc06 Mostly WokeProducts
Marriot06 Mostly WokeTravel
Kaiser Permanente06 Mostly WokeFinance
Intel06 Mostly WokeTechnology
IKEA Holding US06 Mostly WokeProducts
Hilton Inc06 Mostly WokeTravel
The Hershey Co08 Very WokeProducts
Gap06 Mostly WokeProducts
Domino's Pizza06 Mostly WokeRestaurants
Denny's06 Mostly WokeRestaurants
Eddie V's (parent company: Darden Restaurants)06 Mostly WokeRestaurants
Bahama Breeze (parent company: Darden Restaurants)06 Mostly WokeRestaurants
Seasons 52 (parent company: Darden Restaurants)06 Mostly WokeRestaurants
The Capital Grille (parent company: Darden Restaurants)06 Mostly WokeRestaurants
Yard House (parent company: Darden Restaurants)06 Mostly WokeRestaurants
Cheddar's (parent company: Darden Restaurants)06 Mostly WokeRestaurants
Longhorn Steakhouse (parent company: Darden Restaurants)06 Mostly WokeRestaurants
Olive Garden (parent company: Darden Restaurants)06 Mostly WokeRestaurants
Darden Restaurants06 Mostly WokeBusiness
Chobani06 Mostly WokeProducts
Atlassian06 Mostly WokeTechnology
American Eagle06 Mostly WokeProducts
Subway10 Extremely WokeRestaurants
Scribd08 Very WokeSocial Media
Oculus VR (parent company: Facebook)10 Extremely WokeTechnology
Disney Parks (parent company: Disney)10 Extremely WokeTravel
Disney Cruise (parent company: Disney)10 Extremely WokeTravel
Albertsons06 Mostly WokeProducts
Alaska Airlines06 Mostly WokeTravel
Akamai Technologies06 Mostly WokeTechnology
AMD06 Mostly WokeTechnology
Advance Auto Parts06 Mostly WokeProducts
Abercrombie & Fitch06 Mostly WokeProducts
AbbVie Inc06 Mostly WokePharmaceuticals
A.T. Kearney Inc06 Mostly WokeBusiness
1-800-Flowers06 Mostly WokeProducts
John Cusack10 Extremely WokeCelebrity
Perfect Snacks (parent company: Mondelez)08 Very WokeProducts
Hu (parent company: Mondelez)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Levi Strauss & Co08 Very WokeBusiness
Teva (parent company: Deckers)08 Very WokeProducts
Hoka One One (parent company: Deckers)08 Very WokeProducts
sanuk (parent company: Deckers)08 Very WokeProducts
Ugg (parent company: Deckers)08 Very WokeProducts
Katy Perry08 Very WokeCelebrity
Orlando Bloom08 Very WokeCelebrity
Macy Gray08 Very WokeCelebrity
Victoria's Secret10 Extremely WokeProducts
Burger King08 Very WokeRestaurants
North Face08 Very WokeProducts
Zesta (parent company: Kellogg's)08 Very WokeProducts
Townhouse (parent company: Kellogg's)08 Very WokeProducts
Toasteds (parent company: Kellogg's)08 Very WokeProducts
Special K (parent company: Kellogg's)08 Very WokeProducts
Pure Organic (parent company: Kellogg's)08 Very WokeProducts
Pringles (parent company: Kellogg's)08 Very WokeProducts
Smorz (parent company: Kellogg's)08 Very WokeProducts
Smart Start (parent company: Kellogg's)08 Very WokeProducts
Rice Krispies (parent company: Kellogg's)08 Very WokeProducts
Frosted Mini Wheats (parent company: Kellogg's)08 Very WokeProducts
Corn Flakes (parent company: Kellogg's)08 Very WokeProducts
Frosted Flakes (parent company: Kellogg's)08 Very WokeProducts
Kashi (parent company: Kellogg's)08 Very WokeProducts
Pop-Tarts (parent company: Kellogg's)08 Very WokeProducts
Jumbo Snax (parent company: Kellogg's)08 Very WokeProducts
Nutri-Grain (parent company: Kellogg's)08 Very WokeProducts
Joybol (parent company: Kellogg's)08 Very WokeProducts
Mueslix (parent company: Kellogg's)08 Very WokeProducts
Incogmeato (parent company: Kellogg's)08 Very WokeProducts
MorningStar Farms (parent company: Kellogg's)08 Very WokeProducts
Honey Smacks (parent company: Kellogg's)08 Very WokeProducts
Krave (parent company: Kellogg's)08 Very WokeProducts
Gardenburger (parent company: Kellogg's)08 Very WokeProducts
Raisin Bran (parent company: Kellogg's)08 Very WokeProducts
Froot Loops (parent company: Kellogg's)08 Very WokeProducts
Eggo (parent company: Kellogg's)08 Very WokeProducts
Crispix (parent company: Kellogg's)08 Very WokeProducts
Cracklin' Oat Bran (parent company: Kellogg's)08 Very WokeProducts
Corn Pops (parent company: Kellogg's)08 Very WokeProducts
Club (parent company: Kellogg's)08 Very WokeProducts
Cheez-It (parent company: Kellogg's)08 Very WokeProducts
Carr's (parent company: Kellogg's)08 Very WokeProducts
Bear Naked (parent company: Kellogg's)08 Very WokeProducts
Austin (parent company: Kellogg's)08 Very WokeProducts
Apple Jacks (parent company: Kellogg's)08 Very WokeProducts
All-Bran (parent company: Kellogg's)08 Very WokeProducts
Lego08 Very WokeProducts
Kellogg's08 Very WokeBusiness
Mark Ruffalo08 Very WokeCelebrity
Wal-Mart08 Very WokeProducts
Vista Equity08 Very WokeFinance
Uber10 Extremely WokeTravel
Tyler Perry Studios08 Very WokeEntertainment
TIAA08 Very WokeFinance
Textron08 Very WokeBusiness
Slack08 Very WokeTechnology
Sarr Group LLC08 Very WokeFinance
Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison LLP08 Very WokeBusiness
Parks Hotels & Resorts08 Very WokeFinance
Northrop Grumman08 Very WokeBusiness
Martin Chase Productions08 Very WokeEntertainment
MSG Sports08 Very WokeEntertainment
Lazard08 Very WokeFinance
Grain Management08 Very WokeFinance
Global Infrastructure Partners08 Very WokeFinance
Gibson, Dunn, & Crutcher08 Very WokeBusiness
GenNx36008 Very WokeFinance
Fairview Capital08 Very WokeFinance
Eli Lilly and Company08 Very WokePharmaceuticals
Ecolab10 Extremely WokeBusiness
Compass Group08 Very WokeBusiness
Carnival Corp.08 Very WokeTravel
Boys & Girls Clubs of America08 Very WokeCharity
BNY08 Very WokeFinance
BlackIvy08 Very WokeBusiness
Black Enterprise08 Very WokeBusiness
Black Economic Alliance08 Very WokeBusiness
Avnet08 Very WokeBusiness
Assurant08 Very WokeFinance
AMB Sports & Entertainment08 Very WokeBusiness
Advent Capital Management LLC08 Very WokeFinance
Vidcon (parent company: ViacomCBS)10 Extremely WokeEntertainment
VH1 (parent company: ViacomCBS)10 Extremely WokeEntertainment
TV Land (parent company: ViacomCBS)10 Extremely WokeEntertainment
theCW (parent company: ViacomCBS)10 Extremely WokeEntertainment
telefe (parent company: ViacomCBS)10 Extremely WokeEntertainment
Smithosonian (parent company: ViacomCBS)10 Extremely WokeEntertainment
Colors (parent company: ViacomCBS)10 Extremely WokeEntertainment
CMT (parent company: ViacomCBS)10 Extremely WokeEntertainment
5 (UK) (parent company: ViacomCBS)10 Extremely WokeEntertainment
Bellator (parent company: ViacomCBS)10 Extremely WokeEntertainment
Pop tv (parent company: ViacomCBS)10 Extremely WokeEntertainment
Network 10 (parent company: ViacomCBS)10 Extremely WokeEntertainment
Awesomeness (parent company: ViacomCBS)10 Extremely WokeEntertainment
Showtime (parent company: ViacomCBS)10 Extremely WokeEntertainment
Pluto tv (parent company: ViacomCBS)10 Extremely WokeEntertainment
nickelodeon (parent company: ViacomCBS)(10) Extremely WokeEntertainment
MTV (parent company: ViacomCBS)10 Extremely WokeEntertainment
Comedy Central (parent company: ViacomCBS)10 Extremely WokeEntertainment
Paramount (parent company: ViacomCBS)10 Extremely WokeEntertainment
BET (parent company: ViacomCBS)(10) Extremely WokeEntertainment
ViacomCBS10 Extremely WokeBusiness
Whole Foods (parent company: Amazon)10 Extremely WokeProducts
WordPress06 Mostly WokeTechnology
GoDaddy08 Very WokeTechnology
Shopify06 Mostly WokeWebsites
Venmo (parent company: PayPal)06 Mostly WokeFinance
BitPay06 Mostly WokeFinance
Etsy10 Extremely WokeWebsites
Loews Hotels06 Mostly WokeTravel
Simon & Schuster06 Mostly WokeBusiness
Cracker Barrel06 Mostly WokeRestaurants
Tumblr06 Mostly WokeSocial Media
Twitch (parent company: Amazon)(10) Extremely WokeSocial Media
SoundCloud06 Mostly WokeSocial Media
WhatsApp (parent company: Facebook)10 Extremely WokeSocial Media
NFL10 Extremely WokeSports
Janssen (parent company: Johnson & Johnson)06 Mostly WokePharmaceuticals
Maui Moisture (parent company: Johnson & Johnson)06 Mostly WokeProducts
OGX (parent company: Johnson & Johnson)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Penaten (parent company: Johnson & Johnson)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Desitin (parent company: Johnson & Johnson)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Johnson's (parent company: Johnson & Johnson)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Neosporin (parent company: Johnson & Johnson)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Band-aid (parent company: Johnson & Johnson)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Listerine (parent company: Johnson & Johnson)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Rhinocort (parent company: Johnson & Johnson)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Imodium (parent company: Johnson & Johnson)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Nicorette (parent company: Johnson & Johnson)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Zarbee's (parent company: Johnson & Johnson)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Benadryl (parent company: Johnson & Johnson)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Zyrtec (parent company: Johnson & Johnson)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Sudafed (parent company: Johnson & Johnson)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Motrin (parent company: Johnson & Johnson)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Pepcid (parent company: Johnson & Johnson)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Tylenol (parent company: Johnson & Johnson)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Visine (parent company: Johnson & Johnson)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Sundown (parent company: Johnson & Johnson)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Lubriderm (parent company: Johnson & Johnson)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Clean and Clear (parent company: Johnson & Johnson)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Rogaine (parent company: Johnson & Johnson)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Dabao (parent company: Johnson & Johnson)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Neostrata (parent company: Johnson & Johnson)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Dr.Ci:Labo (parent company: Johnson & Johnson)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Aveeno (parent company: Johnson & Johnson)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Neutrogena (parent company: Johnson & Johnson)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Talenti (parent company: Unilever)08 Very WokeProducts
the good stuff (parent company: Unilever)08 Very WokeProducts
ApotheCARE Essentials (parent company: Unilever)08 Very WokeProducts
Nexxus (parent company: Unilever)08 Very WokeProducts
Drive (parent company: Unilever)08 Very WokeProducts
Coral (parent company: Unilever)08 Very WokeProducts
Biotex (parent company: Unilever)08 Very WokeProducts
Ala (parent company: Unilever)08 Very WokeProducts
The Laundress (parent company: Unilever)08 Very WokeProducts
Surf (parent company: Unilever)08 Very WokeProducts
Sunlight (parent company: Unilever)08 Very WokeProducts
Radiant (parent company: Unilever)08 Very WokeProducts
Brilhante (parent company: Unilever)08 Very WokeProducts
Robertsons (parent company: Unilever)08 Very WokeProducts
Ri-K (parent company: Unilever)08 Very WokeProducts
Rafhan (parent company: Unilever)08 Very WokeProducts
Te Club (parent company: Unilever)08 Very WokeProducts
Sariwangi (parent company: Unilever)08 Very WokeProducts
Pot Noodle (parent company: Unilever)08 Very WokeProducts
Lyons (parent company: Unilever)08 Very WokeProducts
PG tips (parent company: Unilever)08 Very WokeProducts
Mondamin (parent company: Unilever)08 Very WokeProducts
McColin's (parent company: Unilever)08 Very WokeProducts
Malloa (parent company: Unilever)08 Very WokeProducts
Lan-Choo (parent company: Unilever)08 Very WokeProducts
Kuner (parent company: Unilever)08 Very WokeProducts
Knorrox (parent company: Unilever)08 Very WokeProducts
Kissan (parent company: Unilever)08 Very WokeProducts
Joko (parent company: Unilever)08 Very WokeProducts
Inmarko (parent company: Unilever)08 Very WokeProducts
Hertog (parent company: Unilever)08 Very WokeProducts
Glen (parent company: Unilever)08 Very WokeProducts
Glaxose-D (parent company: Unilever)08 Very WokeProducts
Conimex (parent company: Unilever)08 Very WokeProducts
Colman's (parent company: Unilever)08 Very WokeProducts
Choysa (parent company: Unilever)08 Very WokeProducts
Chirat (parent company: Unilever)08 Very WokeProducts
Brooke Bond (parent company: Unilever)08 Very WokeProducts
Bovril (parent company: Unilever)08 Very WokeProducts
Beseda (parent company: Unilever)08 Very WokeProducts
Bushells (parent company: Unilever)08 Very WokeProducts
Buavita (parent company: Unilever)08 Very WokeProducts
Azure (parent company: Microsoft)10 Extremely WokeTechnology
MS Windows (parent company: Microsoft)10 Extremely WokeTechnology
Bango (parent company: Unilever)08 Very WokeProducts
Baltimor (parent company: Unilever)08 Very WokeProducts
Viennetta (parent company: Unilever)08 Very WokeProducts
Annapurna (parent company: Unilever)08 Very WokeProducts
Unox (parent company: Unilever)08 Very WokeProducts
Solero (parent company: Unilever)08 Very WokeProducts
Savora (parent company: Unilever)08 Very WokeProducts
Popsicle (parent company: Unilever)08 Very WokeProducts
Pfanni (parent company: Unilever)08 Very WokeProducts
Marmite (parent company: Unilever)08 Very WokeProducts
Maizena (parent company: Unilever)08 Very WokeProducts
Maille (parent company: Unilever)08 Very WokeProducts
Klondike (parent company: Unilever)08 Very WokeProducts
Cup a Soup (parent company: Unilever)08 Very WokeProducts
Continental (parent company: Unilever)08 Very WokeProducts
Bru (parent company: Unilever)08 Very WokeProducts
Arisco (parent company: Unilever)08 Very WokeProducts
VO5 (parent company: Unilever)08 Very WokeProducts
Toni & Guy (parent company: Unilever)08 Very WokeProducts
Timotei (parent company: Unilever)08 Very WokeProducts
TRESemme (parent company: Unilever)08 Very WokeProducts
TIGI (parent company: Unilever)08 Very WokeProducts
Sauve (parent company: Unilever)08 Very WokeProducts
St. Ives (parent company: Unilever)08 Very WokeProducts
Andrelon (parent company: Unilever)08 Very WokeProducts
Vaseline (parent company: Unilever)08 Very WokeProducts
Hazeline (parent company: Unilever)08 Very WokeProducts
Q-tips (parent company: Unilever)08 Very WokeProducts
Pond's (parent company: Unilever)08 Very WokeProducts
Pears (parent company: Unilever)08 Very WokeProducts
Noxzema (parent company: Unilever)08 Very WokeProducts
Mods Hair (parent company: Unilever)08 Very WokeProducts
Lever 2000 (parent company: Unilever)08 Very WokeProducts
Lakme (parent company: Unilever)08 Very WokeProducts
Impulse (parent company: Unilever)08 Very WokeProducts
Simple (parent company: Unilever)08 Very WokeProducts
Fissan baby (parent company: Unilever)08 Very WokeProducts
Eskinol (parent company: Unilever)08 Very WokeProducts
dusch das (parent company: Unilever)08 Very WokeProducts
Close Up (parent company: Unilever)08 Very WokeProducts
Citra (parent company: Unilever)08 Very WokeProducts
Brut (parent company: Unilever)08 Very WokeProducts
International Breeze (parent company: Unilever)08 Very WokeProducts
Aviance (parent company: Unilever)08 Very WokeProducts
Alberto Balsam (parent company: Unilever)08 Very WokeProducts
Sunsilk (parent company: Unilever)08 Very WokeProducts
Smile (parent company: Unilever)08 Very WokeProducts
Rexona (parent company: Unilever)08 Very WokeProducts
Omo (parent company: Unilever)08 Very WokeProducts
Magnum (parent company: Unilever)08 Very WokeProducts
Lifebuoy (parent company: Unilever)08 Very WokeProducts
Knorr (parent company: Unilever)08 Very WokeProducts
Hellmann's (parent company: Unilever)08 Very WokeProducts
Good Humor (parent company: Unilever)08 Very WokeProducts
Glow & Lovely (parent company: Unilever)08 Very WokeProducts
Dove (parent company: Unilever)08 Very WokeProducts
Domestos (parent company: Unilever)08 Very WokeProducts
Cornetto (parent company: Unilever)08 Very WokeProducts
Comfort (parent company: Unilever)08 Very WokeProducts
Clear (parent company: Unilever)08 Very WokeProducts
Cif (parent company: Unilever)08 Very WokeProducts
Breyers (parent company: Unilever)08 Very WokeProducts
Royal (parent company: Mondelez)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Philadelphia (parent company: Mondelez)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Maynards Bassetts (parent company: Mondelez)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Halls (parent company: Mondelez)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Clorets (parent company: Mondelez)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Trident (parent company: Mondelez)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Stride (parent company: Mondelez)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Sour Patch Kids (parent company: Mondelez)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Cote d'Or (parent company: Mondelez)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Cadbury (parent company: Mondelez)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Alpen Gold (parent company: Mondelez)06 Mostly WokeProducts
5 Star (parent company: Mondelez)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Toblerone (parent company: Mondelez)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Milka (parent company: Mondelez)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Marabou (parent company: Mondelez)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Lacta (parent company: Mondelez)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Freia (parent company: Mondelez)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Wheat Thins (parent company: Mondelez)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Club Social (parent company: Mondelez)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Tate's Bake Shop (parent company: Mondelez)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Chips Ahoy (parent company: Mondelez)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Ritz (parent company: Mondelez)06 Mostly WokeProducts
belVita (parent company: Mondelez)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Prince (parent company: Mondelez)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Barni (parent company: Mondelez)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Oreo (parent company: Mondelez)06 Mostly WokeProducts
LU (parent company: Mondelez)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Kinh Do (parent company: Mondelez)06 Mostly WokeProducts
TUC (parent company: Mondelez)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Honey Maid (parent company: Mondelez)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Triscuit (parent company: Mondelez)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Enjoy Life Foods (parent company: Mondelez)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Tiger (parent company: Mondelez)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Tang (parent company: Mondelez)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Bournvita (parent company: Mondelez)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Mother's (parent company: Ferrara)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Famous Amos (parent company: Ferrara)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Keebler (parent company: Ferrara)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Little Brownie Baker's (parent company: Ferrara)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Murray (parent company: Ferrara)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Funables (parent company: Ferrara)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Stretch Island (parent company: Ferrara)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Gobstopper (parent company: Ferrara)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Runts (parent company: Ferrara)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Nips (parent company: Ferrara)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Bottle Caps (parent company: Ferrara)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Nerds (parent company: Ferrara)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Jaw Busters (parent company: Ferrara)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Now and Later (parent company: Ferrara)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Atomic Fireball (parent company: Ferrara)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Spree (parent company: Ferrara)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Laffy Taffy (parent company: Ferrara)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Boston Baked Beans (parent company: Ferrara)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Pixy Stix (parent company: Ferrara)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Brach's (parent company: Ferrara)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Jujyfruits (parent company: Ferrara)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Fun Dip (parent company: Ferrara)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Black Forest (parent company: Ferrara)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Sathers (parent company: Ferrara)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Fruit Stripe (parent company: Ferrara)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Lemonhead (parent company: Ferrara)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Super Bubble (parent company: Ferrara)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Red Hots (parent company: Ferrara)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Rain Blo (parent company: Ferrara)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Bobs (parent company: Ferrara)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Chuckles (parent company: Ferrara)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Trolli (parent company: Ferrara)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Sweetarts (parent company: Ferrara)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Coinbase06 Mostly WokeFinance
Zola06 Mostly WokeBusiness
Zendesk06 Mostly WokeTechnology
Warby Parker06 Mostly WokeProducts
Warburg Pincus06 Mostly WokeFinance
VMware06 Mostly WokeTechnology
Vanguard06 Mostly WokeFinance
United Talent Agency06 Mostly WokeBusiness
Twilio06 Mostly WokeTechnology
TripAdvisor06 Mostly WokeTravel
Tory Burch06 Mostly WokeProducts
Target06 Mostly WokeProducts
T. Rowe Price06 Mostly WokeFinance
Sweetgreen06 Mostly WokeRestaurants
SurveyMonkey06 Mostly WokeTechnology
Steelcase06 Mostly WokeProducts
Square06 Mostly WokeFinance
Spark Capital06 Mostly WokeFinance
Sound Ventures06 Mostly WokeFinance
Sonos06 Mostly WokeTechnology
SodexoMAGIC06 Mostly WokeBusiness
Sodexo USA06 Mostly WokeBusiness
Smith and Company06 Mostly WokeBusiness
Slow Ventures06 Mostly WokeFinance
Seventh Generation06 Mostly WokeProducts
ServiceNow06 Mostly WokeTechnology
Salesforce06 Mostly WokeTechnology
Richer Poorer06 Mostly WokeProducts
REI06 Mostly WokeProducts
Reddit06 Mostly WokeSocial Media
PwC06 Mostly WokeBusiness
PreDxion Bio06 Mostly WokeTechnology
Plaid06 Mostly WokeFinance
Paper Source06 Mostly WokeProducts
Otherwise Inc06 Mostly WokeBusiness
NextDoor06 Mostly WokeSocial Media
Newell Brands06 Mostly WokeProducts
Mondelez06 Mostly WokeBusiness
McKinsey & Company06 Mostly WokeBusiness
M&T06 Mostly WokeFinance
Lyft06 Mostly WokeTravel
Loop Capital Markets06 Mostly WokeFinance
Live Nation Entertainment06 Mostly WokeEntertainment
Khosla06 Mostly WokeFinance
JetBlue06 Mostly WokeTravel
Jazz at Lincoln Center06 Mostly WokeEntertainment
Intelligentsia Coffee06 Mostly WokeProducts
Instacart06 Mostly WokeProducts
Insight Partners06 Mostly WokeFinance
IBM06 Mostly WokeTechnology
HP06 Mostly WokeTechnology
Hess06 Mostly WokeBusiness
Harry's Inc06 Mostly WokeProducts
Goldman Sachs06 Mostly WokeFinance
General Catalyst06 Mostly WokeFinance
FirstMark Capitol06 Mostly WokeFinance
Ferrara06 Mostly WokeBusiness
EY06 Mostly WokeBusiness
Eventbrite06 Mostly WokeBusiness
Eaton06 Mostly WokeBusiness
Deloitte06 Mostly WokeBusiness
Dell06 Mostly WokeTechnology
Creative Artists Agency06 Mostly WokeBusiness
Cowboy Ventures06 Mostly WokeFinance
CODAworx06 Mostly WokeWebsites
Climb Credit06 Mostly WokeFinance
Civic Entertainment Group06 Mostly WokeBusiness
Cambridge Associates06 Mostly WokeFinance
Broadridge06 Mostly WokeFinance
Boston Consulting Group06 Mostly WokeBusiness
BMC Software06 Mostly WokeTechnology
BlackRock10 Extremely WokeFinance
Biogen06 Mostly WokePharmaceuticals
Best Buy06 Mostly WokeProducts
Berkshire Partners06 Mostly WokeFinance
Bain and Company06 Mostly WokeBusiness
Ariel Investments06 Mostly WokeFinance
AIG06 Mostly WokeFinance
Accenture06 Mostly WokeBusiness
Ford06 Mostly WokeProducts
Under Armour06 Mostly WokeProducts
Pinterest06 Mostly WokeWebsites
Peloton06 Mostly WokeProducts
Synchrony06 Mostly WokeFinance
PayPal (parent company: ebay)(06) Mostly WokeFinance
Nordstrom06 Mostly WokeProducts
General Motors06 Mostly WokeProducts
Estee Lauder06 Mostly WokeProducts
Merck06 Mostly WokePharmaceuticals
NCAA08 Very WokeSports
US Govt10 Extremely WokeGovernment
Comcast10 Extremely WokeTechnology
China Govt10 Extremely WokeGovernment
Mozilla10 Extremely WokeTechnology
Alphabet, Inc10 Extremely WokeTechnology
United Airlines06 Mostly WokeTravel
MLB10 Extremely WokeSports
Delta Airlines06 Mostly WokeTravel
Lil Nas X10 Extremely WokeCelebrity
Michael Moore10 Extremely WokeCelebrity
Tom Hanks08 Very WokeCelebrity
Leonardo DiCaprio10 Extremely WokeCelebrity
Jim Carrey10 Extremely WokeCelebrity
Rosie O'Donnell10 Extremely WokeCelebrity
John Legend10 Extremely WokeCelebrity
Natalie Portman08 Very WokeCelebrity
Joaquin Phoenix08 Very WokeCelebrity
Anne Hathaway08 Very WokeCelebrity
Meryl Streep08 Very WokeCelebrity
Ellen Degeneres10 Extremely WokeCelebrity
Lena Dunham10 Extremely WokeCelebrity
Bette Midler10 Extremely WokeCelebrity
American Airlines06 Mostly WokeTravel
Al Sharpton10 Extremely WokeCelebrity
Alyssa Milano10 Extremely WokeCelebrity
Stephen King06 Mostly WokeCelebrity
United Way06 Mostly WokeCharity
Susan G Komen06 Mostly WokeCharity
March of Dimes06 Mostly WokeCharity
Wells Fargo10 Extremely WokeFinance
Morgan Stanley06 Mostly WokeFinance
Progressive Insurance06 Mostly WokeFinance
Pfizer08 Very WokePharmaceuticals
Cap'n Crunch (parent company: PepsiCo)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Funyuns (parent company: PepsiCo)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Aunt Jemima (parent company: PepsiCo)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Grandma's Cookies (parent company: PepsiCo)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Munchos (parent company: PepsiCo)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Munchies (parent company: PepsiCo)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Sabritones (parent company: PepsiCo)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Maui Style (parent company: PepsiCo)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Rice-a-roni (parent company: PepsiCo)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Santitas (parent company: PepsiCo)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Matador (parent company: PepsiCo)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Life Cereal (parent company: PepsiCo)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Nut Harvest (parent company: PepsiCo)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Miss Vickie's (parent company: PepsiCo)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Cracker Jack (parent company: PepsiCo)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Red Rock Deli (parent company: PepsiCo)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Rold Gold (parent company: PepsiCo)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Sun Chips (parent company: PepsiCo)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Imag!ne (parent company: PepsiCo)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Near East (parent company: PepsiCo)06 Mostly WokeProducts
STACY'S (parent company: PepsiCo)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Smart50 (parent company: PepsiCo)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Sabra (parent company: PepsiCo)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Bare Snacks (parent company: PepsiCo)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Mug Root Beer (parent company: PepsiCo)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Sobe (parent company: PepsiCo)06 Mostly WokeProducts
O.N.E (parent company: PepsiCo)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Propel (parent company: PepsiCo)06 Mostly WokeProducts
IZZE (parent company: PepsiCo)06 Mostly WokeProducts
LIFEWTR (parent company: PepsiCo)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Kevita (parent company: PepsiCo)06 Mostly WokeProducts
SodaStream (parent company: PepsiCo)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Naked (parent company: PepsiCo)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Bubly (parent company: PepsiCo)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Pure Leaf (parent company: Unilever)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Walkers (parent company: PepsiCo)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Mirinda (parent company: PepsiCo)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Sierra Mist (parent company: PepsiCo)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Tostitos (parent company: PepsiCo)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Brisk (parent company: PepsiCo)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Fritos (parent company: PepsiCo)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Doritos (parent company: PepsiCo)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Mtn Dew (parent company: PepsiCo)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Cheetos (parent company: PepsiCo)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Ruffles (parent company: PepsiCo)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Aquafina (parent company: PepsiCo)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Lipton (parent company: Unilever)08 Very WokeProducts
Quaker Oats (parent company: PepsiCo)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Tropicana (parent company: PepsiCo)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Lay's (parent company: PepsiCo)06 Mostly WokeProducts
Pepsi (parent company: PepsiCo)06 Mostly WokeProducts
PepsiCo06 Mostly WokeBusiness
Oracle06 Mostly WokeTechnology
Macy's06 Mostly WokeProducts
Liberty Mutual06 Mostly WokeFinance
La Senza06 Mostly WokeProducts
Johnson & Johnson06 Mostly WokeBusiness
mint (parent company: Intuit)06 Mostly WokeFinance
Quickbooks (parent company: Intuit)06 Mostly WokeFinance
Turbotax (parent company: Intuit)06 Mostly WokeFinance
Intuit06 Mostly WokeFinance
Groupon06 Mostly WokeWebsites
Fannie Mae06 Mostly WokeFinance
ExxonMobil06 Mostly WokeTravel
Energizer06 Mostly WokeProducts
Dockers (parent company: Levi Strauss & Co)(06) Mostly WokeProducts
Deutsche Bank10 Extremely WokeFinance
Clorox06 Mostly WokeProducts
Hurley (parent company: Nike)10 Extremely WokeProducts
Converse (parent company: Nike)(10) Extremely WokeProducts
Southwest Airlines06 Mostly WokeTravel
Boeing10 Extremely WokeTravel
Ben and Jerry's (parent company: Unilever)(10) Extremely WokeProducts
Adobe06 Mostly WokeTechnology
Bath and Body Works06 Mostly WokeProducts
Avon06 Mostly WokeProducts
Unilever08 Very WokeBusiness
Barq's (parent company: Coca Cola)10 Extremely WokeProducts
Ayataka (parent company: Coca Cola)10 Extremely WokeProducts
I LOHAS (parent company: Coca Cola)10 Extremely WokeProducts
Fresca (parent company: Coca Cola)10 Extremely WokeProducts
AdeS (parent company: Coca Cola)10 Extremely WokeProducts
Aquarius (parent company: Coca Cola)10 Extremely WokeProducts
Peace Tea (parent company: Coca Cola)10 Extremely WokeProducts
Dogadan (parent company: Coca Cola)10 Extremely WokeProducts
Gold Peak (parent company: Coca Cola)10 Extremely WokeProducts
vitaminwater (parent company: Coca Cola)10 Extremely WokeProducts
Ciel (parent company: Coca Cola)10 Extremely WokeProducts
Powerade (parent company: Coca Cola)10 Extremely WokeProducts
fairlife (parent company: Coca Cola)10 Extremely WokeProducts
Honest (parent company: Coca Cola)10 Extremely WokeProducts
Fuze Tea (parent company: Coca Cola)10 Extremely WokeProducts
Topo Chico (parent company: Coca Cola)10 Extremely WokeProducts
Appletiser (parent company: Coca Cola)10 Extremely WokeProducts
Georgia Coffee (parent company: Coca Cola)10 Extremely WokeProducts
Simply (parent company: Coca Cola)10 Extremely WokeProducts
innocent (parent company: Coca Cola)10 Extremely WokeProducts
Minute Maid (parent company: Coca Cola)10 Extremely WokeProducts
smartwater (parent company: Coca Cola)10 Extremely WokeProducts
Costa Coffee (parent company: Coca Cola)10 Extremely WokeProducts
Dasani (parent company: Coca Cola)10 Extremely WokeProducts
Sprite (parent company: Coca Cola)10 Extremely WokeProducts
Stripe08 Very WokeFinance
Opera08 Very WokeTechnology
Safari10 Extremely WokeTechnology
Home Depot06 Mostly WokeProducts
Spirit Airlines08 Very WokeTravel
CNB of Florida08 Very WokeFinance
NBT bank08 Very WokeFinance
ebay06 Mostly WokeProducts
Hyatt06 Mostly WokeTravel
Hasbro06 Mostly WokeProducts
Coca Cola10 Extremely WokeProducts
Sprint08 Very WokeTechnology
Verizon08 Very WokeTechnology
AT&T10 Extremely WokeTechnology
Snapchat08 Very WokeSocial Media
Expedia08 Very WokeTravel
Urban Outfitters06 Mostly WokeProducts
Edge (parent company: Microsoft)10 Extremely WokeTechnology
Chrome (parent company: Alphabet, Inc)(10) Extremely WokeTechnology
Firefox (parent company: Mozilla)(10) Extremely WokeTechnology
Citibank10 Extremely WokeFinance
American Express06 Mostly WokeFinance
Mastercard10 Extremely WokeFinance
Visa08 Very WokeFinance
Bank of America08 Very WokeFinance
JPMorgan Chase10 Extremely WokeFinance
Sephora08 Very WokeProducts
JCP08 Very WokeProducts
Google Android (parent company: Alphabet, Inc)(10) Extremely WokeTechnology
Fortinet06 Mostly WokeTechnology
BJ's08 Very WokeProducts
HEB08 Very WokeProducts
Home Shopping Network08 Very WokeProducts
The Shopping Channel08 Very WokeProducts
Wayfair08 Very WokeProducts
Kohl's08 Very WokeProducts
Kroger08 Very WokeProducts
Mattress Firm08 Very WokeProducts
Shop HQ08 Very WokeProducts
Bed Bath & Beyond08 Very WokeProducts
Snopes06 Mostly WokeWebsites
Black Rifle Coffee06 Mostly WokeProducts
AWS (parent company: Amazon)(10) Extremely WokeTechnology
Spectrum06 Mostly WokeTechnology
Fox News (parent company: Disney)(06) Mostly WokeStreaming/News
GrubHub06 Mostly WokeProducts
Discover Card08 Very WokeFinance
GoFundMe08 Very WokeWebsites
Goodyear06 Mostly WokeProducts
Youtube10 Extremely WokeSocial Media
Disney10 Extremely WokeBusiness
Starbucks10 Extremely WokeRestaurants
Squarespace06 Mostly WokeTechnology
Nike10 Extremely WokeProducts
Nabisco06 Mostly WokeBusiness
Microsoft10 Extremely WokeTechnology
Mattel08 Very WokeProducts
Levi's (parent company: Levi Strauss & Co)(08) Very WokeProducts
Glossier06 Mostly WokeProducts
Gillette10 Extremely WokeProducts
Gatorade (parent company: PepsiCo)(06) Mostly WokeProducts
Dropbox06 Mostly WokeTechnology
DoorDash08 Very WokeProducts
Degree (parent company: Unilever)(06) Mostly WokeProducts
Deckers06 Mostly WokeBusiness
Xfinity (parent company: Comcast)(10) Extremely WokeTechnology
Cisco10 Extremely WokeTechnology
Axe (parent company: Unilever)(06) Mostly WokeProducts
Apple10 Extremely WokeTechnology
Amazon10 Extremely WokeProducts
Airbnb10 Extremely WokeTravel
Skillshare06 Mostly WokeEducational
Ubisoft06 Mostly WokeGaming
The Pokemon Company06 Mostly WokeGaming
Square Enix06 Mostly WokeGaming
Niantic06 Mostly WokeGaming
EA06 Mostly WokeGaming
Devolver06 Mostly WokeGaming
Bethesda Softworks06 Mostly WokeGaming
PBS (parent company: US Govt)(06) Mostly WokeStreaming/News
NPR (parent company: US Govt)(08) Very WokeStreaming/News
Netflix10 Extremely WokeEntertainment
NBC (parent company: Comcast)(10) Extremely WokeStreaming/News
MSNBC (parent company: Comcast)(10) Extremely WokeStreaming/News
ESPN (parent company: Disney)(10) Extremely WokeEntertainment
Disney+ (parent company: Disney)(08) Very WokeEntertainment
CNN (parent company: AT&T)(10) Extremely WokeStreaming/News
CNBC (parent company: Comcast)08 Very WokeStreaming/News
CBS (parent company: ViacomCBS)(10) Extremely WokeStreaming/News
ABC (parent company: Disney)(10) Extremely WokeStreaming/News
A&E06 Mostly WokeEntertainment
wikipedia10 Extremely WokeWebsites
moveon.org10 Extremely WokeWebsites
huffingtonpost.com10 Extremely WokeStreaming/News
drudgereport.com08 Very WokeWebsites
Twitter10 Extremely WokeSocial Media
Facebook10 Extremely WokeSocial Media
Bing (parent company: Microsoft)(08) Very WokeTechnology
Google (parent company: Alphabet, Inc)(10) Extremely WokeTechnology
TikTok (parent company: China Govt)(10) Extremely WokeSocial Media
Instagram (parent company: Facebook)(10) Extremely WokeSocial Media
Yahoo10 Extremely WokeTechnology