Twitter Extremely Woke

Company Values

Pro Voter Fraud

2021-04-14: Hundreds of executives run ad in US newspapers to decry Georgia's election laws

Sells your data

2020-04-10: Wield what little control you have

2019-11-01: Twitter Exploits Users' Personal Data

Censors / Blacklists

2022-03-21: Twitter Suspends The Babylon Bee For "Hateful Conduct" After Satirical Outlet Awards its "Man of the Year" Rachel Levine

2021-08-15: ENEMIES OF THE PEOPLE: Taliban Terrorist Leader Zabihullah Majahid Is on Twitter - President Trump Is Banned

2021-06-21: Twitter SUSPENDS National File for Report on Viral Twitter Thread About Vaccine Death

2021-04-15: Twitter Bans James O'Keefe After Latest Round of Hidden Videos Exposing CNN

2021-03-19: Twitter Locks Marjorie Taylor Greene Out of Her Account

2021-02-26: Steven Crowder Revealed Voter Fraud This Past Week on His Show 'Louder with Crowder' So Twitter Banned Him

2021-01-13: Twitter CEO defends Trump ban, warns of dangerous precedent

2020-07-27: Tim Tebow's Inspirational Bible Video Censored

2020-06-24: Twitter Users Appalled by Bias and Censorship

2020-05-27: Twitter's Top Censor Czar is Biased

Fake News / Data

2021-12-11: Coverup! Twitter Removed Videos Showing Victor Lindelof Stopping Game Over Chest Pains


2021-02-27: TWITTER Refuses to Allow Any Photos or Video of MAGA Crowd Protesting Biden in Texas

2021-02-24: Twitter Is Now Blocking Links To CPAC's Website

Supports Marxist BLM

2020-05-28: Twitter Snapshot BLM Support


2021-07-02: 451 corporations who support the '[In]Equality Act' to erase genders