Facebook Extremely Woke

Company Values

Pro Voter Fraud

2021-04-14: Hundreds of executives run ad in US newspapers to decry Georgia's election laws

Sells your data

2020-07-02: Facebook Sharing Data Again, Oops!

2018-12-19: Facebook Sharing Access to your Data

Censors / Blacklists

2021-11-20: GiveSendGo, Donation Platform For Kyle Rittenhouse, Issues a Statement

2021-04-23: Facebook deletes 120,000-member group where people posted stories of alleged adverse vaccine reactions

2021-02-17: Cuts off News Down Under and Blocks Access to Health Departments, Charities, Emergency Services in the Process

2021-02-15: Christian Actor Kevin Sorbo Is The Latest Conservative To Fall Victim To Big Tech Censorship

2020-08-09: Conservative Memes are Censored

2020-06-27: Facebook Launches New Censorship Plan

2020-06-25: Facebook Rigs the Game


2022-09-15: Facebook Has Been Spying on User’s Private Messages And Reporting Them to FBI if They Question 2020 Election or Express Anti-Government or Anti-Authority Views

2021-02-06: Fakebook censors another female Christian author

Leftist Ownership

2021-10-30: Truth exposed: Fakebook's new parent name 'Meta' means "death, deprived of life" in Hebrew

2021-06-07: Fauci emails show clear collusion with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

Anti-American Values

2021-07-18: Facebook censorship board member: Free speech is not a human right


2021-01-07: Mark Zuckerberg announces Trump banned from Facebook and Instagram for 'at least the next two weeks'


2021-07-02: 451 corporations who support the '[In]Equality Act' to erase genders

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