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Weekly 'Go Woke, Go Broke' Challenge:

Every week we will feature a company that deserves to get a wake up call. Our money gives them power and changing our shopping habits can take that power away.

Together we can make a difference and start phasing these companies out. They are only successful because we allow them to be. Time to break some bad habits and start empowering patriotic alternatives.

Amazon is probably the most evil and woke company on our list. It shows up in almost every woke category from supporting election fraud, to censoring Americans to supporing BLM, Inc and muslim law. Jeff Bezos has created the most intrusive and liberty-stealing entity that is equal only to Big Brother in George Orwell's 1984. From monitoring every word that you say with Alexa, to watching (and profiting from) your home surveillance with Ring, to tracking EVERYTHING you buy, listen to and read, this company is as anti-freedom as they come.

However, the convenience that it has offered makes it more difficult to separate from. Start by buying Christmas gifts and other products locally, or look at our list of Patriotic Options on the Amazon page. We will outline more detailed ways to boycott Amazon in our blog. If you have alternatives to using this evil corporation, please feel free to share them with us by sending an email to admin@theunwoke.com.

Some Alternatives:



Unwoke Boycott Challenge - How Unwoke can you Go?

Each level ramps up in difficulty, but see how far you can go.

Media / 'News': Replace all Woke Streaming / News shows with Patriotic ones. All of the top media companies are owned by 6 entities and they are integrated into the Democrat party.

Search Engines: Don't use Google, Yahoo or Bing for your internet searches. The amount of tracking and contact tracing they do with your data is borderline illegal, but definitely unpatriotic.

Social(ist) Media: Leave facebook, twitter, youtube and other Marxist social media sites. They track everything you click, type and speak. You are the product and they sell your data without you knowing it.

Products / Services / Shopping: Use our Woke Search features to decide who to give your money to, based on many categories like Made in China, Anti-Conservative, Fake News and many more.

Amazon: Don't use Amazon ever again. This company has integrated itself into every aspect of our lives via their sales website, AWS, Alexa, Amazon Prime, etc.

Technology (computers, phones, tablets, browsers, VPNs): All of the technology that has invaded our daily routines have one thing in common - to spy on everything you do. Ditch your Smartphone - there is a reason you can't remove your battery from your phone now.