Unwoke Boycott Challenge - Level 6 - Technology

For each level of our challenge, we will outline why it is important, what to do and how to do it. Too many sites and articles only mention who to boycott but don't give alternatives or breakdown key steps. We will do our best to be your guide in this Unwoke journey.

We have had more requests about our Technology boycotts, so we decided to create this blog first.


Technocrats don't merely want your business, they want to monitor and control everything about your lives. Once they have succeeded, then your support for their product is mandatory. If every action you take revolves around your phone or computer, then you are at their mercy.

Take for example listening to music. We used to buy CD's and create our own music library. Then all of a sudden you could buy just the song (in MP3 format perhaps). Next, you could simply tell Alexa to play your favorite songs or use Spotify. In exchange for this apparent bliss, we give up our freedom of privacy, are forced to support anti-American tyrants/CEOs and indirectly donate our money to Leftist / Communist causes. All because we think it is so comfortable to just play a song on demand. Trying buying a downloadable song today. It's nearly impossible to do it outside of the Technocrats eco-system of Amazon or Apple.

Most technology devices are designed to be a spying apparatus first and foremost. They listen and record everything you say and can do the same with your cameras. It is like Orwell's 1984, except that we actually bought the devices instead of the government forcing them upon us.


This part of the cleansing process gets more difficult. Many people are literally addicted to their devices or certain manufacturers (ie Apple). You have to weigh how important your freedoms are in relation to the totalitarian control forced on you by these companies. They are already limiting apps that can run on their devices (Parler for example) and will eventually block websites and even direct messages. On top of that they are building databases to decide if you are a good or bad person and will swiftly pass that on to other Fascist entities and the government.

It's all a process of becoming a bit more invisible each step you take.

Here are some steps to navigate through the mine field that the Technocrats have laid before you.


1. Virtual Private Network (VPN) - The first and easiest step is to get a VPN on your computers, phones and tablets. A VPN helps to hide your location and identity from websites and other online applications. It basically routes your internet traffic through other servers to make it appear you are in a different location. You should look into a VPN that has a small monthly fee and that shows it does not track or store your history. Some that we have used and like are ExpressVPN and Nord VPN.

2. Mobile Phones - This is usually the most difficult for people as they are literally conjoined to their phones. Remember, your Apple and Android phones are tracking devices first and foremost. Once you accept that, it becomes easier to take a large step towards regaining your privacy. Here are several options to consider.
a. Keep your smart phones and rebuild with a new, security-focused Operating System (OS). The e Foundation is a great alternative to controlling your data. They allow you to download a robust and secure OS for over 130 different phone models. More information can be found here. Another option is to use LineageOS as a replacement for the Android operating system.
b. Buy security-focused smart phones. Several new vendors are introducing phones that don't run on the standard Apple and Google platforms. These phones have the ability to run many of your favorite apps but also do not track your data, movement and eaves drop like the others. One of the ones that we recommend is Purism.
c. Buy flip phones and other non-smart phones. These will generally not have the ability to load apps that track your every move.

3. Wireless carriers - Check out our ratings on each carrier. Right now PureTalk is the best option for Unwoke consumers.

4. Browsers - They used to be so simple. Just type in an URL and browse the web. Now browsers track everything you browse, search and even your passwords. Many browser companies have become extremely political and are threatening to block websites that they don't like. Google Chrome is the worst at privacy. Some call it malware by how intrusive it is and the amount of data from your computer that it tracks and sends back to the Google mothership. We have many recommendations in our Boycott pages.

It is critical that you choose an Unwoke browser and then completely uninstall the other browsers (specifically Chrome and Firefox). They have background processes that run even when the browser is not running.

5. Search Engines - Once you have chosen a different browser, the next step must be to change the default search engine that is used. This piece is so critical that we will have another blog just about search engines. Again, use our Boycott pages to find at least one new search engine. We recommend Startpage and DuckDuckGo but those can change based on how they handle themselves.

6. Computers - This is your ultimate privacy fortress and most people leave the doors and windows (pun intended) wide open for thieves. This is the most challenging yet most rewarding step. You can actually have a computer that doesn't track you and has no left-leaning, Marxist company behind it. I will outline at a high level what it takes to get there. If we receive significant feedback I can go into more details on each step and create a HOWTO document and video.

Apple and Microsoft run the operating systems for most desktops and laptops. Again, these are giant, left-leaning companies that make more money off of your private data than you will ever know. The best option to replace these operating systems is to spend a little bit of time learning about Linux. There are so many varieties and flavors of Linux / Unix (generally called distro's) that it's tough to keep track. If you want to play around with a distro, I would recommend Fedora for starters. Their OS can actually be run on a thumb-drive so that you can boot on that device and not interfere with your existing OS. You can choose from dozens of 'window managers' that have a different look and feel. Also, you can run most of your Windows and Apple programs with simulator apps and other features. I could go on, but the point is that if you have a little spare time, try a Linux OS and see how you feel about it.

There are more vendors coming out with pre-loaded and ready to go versions of Linux (most people don't realize that if they are on a MAC, they are running on a distro of Unix with a very simple front-end).

We plan to expand on some of these steps to help novices wade through the new technology.

Jusy FYI, our entire site and development is on Linux!

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  • Melody  
    Would love to see alternatives for email (Tutanota, Protonmail?) listed.

    Also, alternatives for apps offering phone numbers for tablets, and/or 2nd lines for cell phones in place of Google Voice. (Talkatone?)

    Oh, and un-woke browser apps. Dissenter & Midori are great for PCS but other than DuckDuckGo''s browser are there options?

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