How is 'unity' working out so far?

Here we will keep track of how the 'president' is bringing us closer to communism all together. We will archive relevant articles below to see just how he is making this country a questionable place for everyone.

3/31/2021: Biden: I’d 'Strongly Support' MLB Moving All-Star Game over GA Election Law

Favors: Election Fraud, Divisiveness, Cancel Culture
Collateral Damage: Support for Fair Elections
Weak Excuse: Athletes are leaders who act responsibly and we should support their political stances.

3/31/2021: Biden Infrastructure Plan Erodes 'Right-to-Work' Laws, Includes 'Card Check'

Favors: Unions
Collateral Damage: Middle Class Workers
Weak Excuse: 'Promote union organizing and collective bargaining'

3/17/2021: 21 States Sue Biden For Revoking Keystone Pipeline XL Permit

3/17/2021: Biden Cancels 80 Million Acre Oil Lease Sale, Putting Louisiana Oil and Gas Industry in Danger

Buyer's Remorse 1/24/2021: Biden Actions Against American Oil, Gas Energy Production Could Kill as Many as 1 Million Jobs

Buyer's Remorse 1/23/2021: Ute Indian Tribe Lashes Out at Biden Admin For Restricting Federal Energy Development

Buyer's Remorse 1/23/2021: New Mexico’s Leaders Say Biden Energy Bans Will Devastate State’s Economy

Original Post 1/23/2021: Biden halts oil and gas leases on US land, water for 60 days

Favors: Foreign Oil Imports, Climate Change, Being Green
Collateral Damage: Jobs, Economy
Weak Excuse: Reducing Carbon Emissions

3/17/2021: Biden Admin Halts Navy Operations, Orders Soldiers to Undergo 'Chilling' Stand-Down Training

Favors: Brainwashing, Narrowly defined 'extremism'
Collateral Damage: Conservatives, Faith in the Military
Weak Excuse: 'Making sure service members understand the damaging effects of extremism'

3/17/2021: Biden pushing back withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan

Favors: Defense Contractors, Weapons Manufacturers, Money
Collateral Damage: Our Troops, Military Families
Weak Excuse: Trump's timeline was by May 1st, Biden's vague answer is 'I don't think a lot longer'

3/10/2021: Your Tax Dollars Will Fund Transgender Surgery for Military, Veterans

Favors: Transgender Identity, Mental Illness
Collateral Damage: Taxpayers, Science, Logic
Weak Excuse: 'Establish a process by which transgender service members may transition gender while serving'

3/08/2021: New Biden Executive Order Gives Criminals In Jail Increased Voting and Voter Registration Access

Favors: Democrats, Buying votes through Covid relief checks
Collateral Damage: Taxpayers, election integrity
Weak Excuse: 'Every eligible voter should be able to vote and have that vote counted.'

3/08/2021: Biden Opposes Bipartisan Effort to Protect Women’s Sports

Favors: Transgenders, specifically male to female
Collateral Damage: Biological females, women's sports, women's scholarships
Weak Excuse: 'Transgender rights are human rights'

3/08/2021: Joe Biden to Establish a 'Gender Policy Council'

Favors: Transgender ideology
Collateral Damage: Actual women, children
Weak Excuse: 'Uplifting the rights of women and girls in the United States and around the world'

3/07/2021: Biden Admin Restricts Senior DHS Officials from Sharing Border Crisis Info with Reporters

Favors: Illegal Immigrants, Downplaying a crisis
Collateral Damage: Americans, Safety, Transparency
Weak Excuse: There is none

3/05/2021: Joe Biden Expands 'Sanctuary Country' Orders, Gives Illegal Aliens Another Route to Avoid Arrest

Favors: Illegal Immigrants, crime
Collateral Damage: Legal immigration, Americans, Safety
Weak Excuse: Deporting them into Mexican society is clearly not in our best interest

3/02/2021: Biden Drops Dr. Seuss from Read Across America Day

Favors: Critical race theory
Collateral Damage: Dr. Seuss books, children
Weak Excuse: Racist and insensitive depictions

3/02/2021: $125 Million of US Tax-payer Money on its Way to Ukraine Right Now

Favors: Ukraine
Collateral Damage: American Tax-payers
Weak Excuse: Improve the country’s ability to counter Russian aggression

3/01/2021: Biden Revokes Trump’s Order Requiring Classical Architecture for Federal Buildings

Favors: Modernist and Brutalist architecture
Collateral Damage: Classical architecture, local opinions, beauty
Weak Excuse: Being progressive

2/28/2021: Biden Increases the Cost of Carbon, Setting the Stage for Drastic Climate Rules

Favors: Climate change
Collateral Damage: Capitalism
Weak Excuse: The social cost of carbon is an effort to quantify the economic and societal damage from greenhouse gas emissions in the coming decades.

2/25/2021: Biden Orders U.S. Military Strikes Against Infrastructure Used by Iranian-Backed Militias in Syria

Favors: Hypocrisy, war
Collateral Damage: Peace
Weak Excuse: Defensive precision strike

2/24/2021: Biden Restarts Filling U.S. Jobs with Foreign Workers as 17M Americans Are Jobless

Favors: Big Tech, Cheap foreign labor
Collateral Damage: Jobless Americans
Weak Excuse: Harms industries in the US that utilize talent from around the world

2/24/2021: Joe Biden Administration Will Spend $86M to Deliver Free Masks for ‘Racial Equity’

Favors: Welfare mindset, Covid narrative, Littering
Collateral Damage: Taxes
Weak Excuse: Low income communities need equal access to masks

2/20/2021: Biden Administration Is Teaming Up with Big Tech to Censor Vaccine Skeptics

Favors: Control, Big Brother
Collateral Damage: Americans, Health, Access to Information
Weak Excuse: Blocking disinformation to combat vaccine hesitancy

2/19/2021: Biden Signs Executive Order Ending Trump Industry Apprenticeship Program

Favors: Unions, Government control
Collateral Damage: Skilled workers, jobs, people that can't afford college
Weak Excuse: Possibility of low-quality programs without government involvement

2/18/2021: What Has the WHO Done to Deserve a $200 Million Blank Check From Biden?

Favors: Globalists
Collateral Damage: Americans
Weak Excuse: Renewed commitment to supporting WHO

2/14/2021: Joe Biden Marks 3rd Anniversary of Parkland Shooting with Gun Control Push

Favors: Communist Rule
Collateral Damage: 2nd Amendment
Weak Excuse: Common sense gun law reforms

2/13/2021: Biden Will Close the Guantanamo Bay Military Prison After 'Robust Review'

Favors: Terrorism
Collateral Damage: National Security
Weak Excuse: Waste of money

2/12/2021: Joe Biden Still Dismantling Trump’s Border Security Measures: 25,000 Migrants Being Brought into U.S.

Favors: Illegal Immigrants, Mass Immigration
Collateral Damage: Americans
Weak Excuse: Humanitarianism

2/12/2021: Lenient Treatment Of Aide Who Sexually Harassed And Threatened Reporter

Favors: Liberals, Broken Promises
Collateral Damage: Justice, Women
Weak Excuse: One week suspension is enough punishment for a liberal offender

2/12/2021: U.S. Affirms Climate Accords, W.H.O. as Biden Rushes to Embrace ‘Indispensable’ U.N.

Favors: Globalists
Collateral Damage: Americans
Weak Excuse: Supporting human rights and equality

2/11/2021: Biden Opens Floodgates at the Border While Pondering Travel Restrictions on Americans

Favors: Mass Immigration, Punishing Florida
Collateral Damage: Americans
Weak Excuse: Travel restrictions keep Americans safe from mutated covid. Potentially sick immigrants are welcome to travel here though.

2/11/2021: Pushes Mask Mandate From '100 Days' to 'Through the Next Year'

2/11/2021: Biden Administration Intervenes in SCOTUS Obamacare Case

Favors: Obamacare
Collateral Damage: Americans
Weak Excuse: The DoJ no longer thinks Obamacare is unconstitutional

2/10/2021: Biden Fires 56 Trump-Appointed U.S. Attorneys

Favors: Double Standards, Democrats
Collateral Damage: Conservatives
Weak Excuse: It's routine, unless Trump does it, then its controversial

2/10/2021: Biden Backtracks on Promise to Reopen Schools in First 100 Days

Favors: Fear mongering, vaccinations, teacher's unions
Collateral Damage: America's youth
Weak Excuse: Safety

2/08/2021: White House Confirms Illegal Aliens Who are Convicted of DUI, Rape and Drug-Related Crimes Will NOT be Deported

Favors: Illegal Aliens
Collateral Damage: Everyone's safety
Weak Excuse: It's mean to punish illegals, especially ones who commit crimes

2/08/2021: Biden Threatens America's Dominance in Space

Favors: China
Collateral Damage: American Pride
Weak Excuse: Safety Measures

2/07/2021: Biden Executive Order Recommends Fines from $250 to $1,500 for Violating TSA Mask Mandate

Favors: Tyranny
Collateral Damage: Americans with common sense
Weak Excuse: Masks save lives

2/06/2021: Biden Fires 56 Trump-Appointed U.S. Attorneys

Favors: Resettling Refugees, Liberal Triage
Collateral Damage: Americans
Weak Excuse: Saving people from the ravages of climate change

2/02/2021: Dictator Biden Signs Three Executive Orders Aimed at ‘Reforming US Immigration System’

Favors: Fast-tracking Immigration
Collateral Damage: Americans
Weak Excuse: Caring and inclusive

2/02/2021: Biden Defense Secretary Purges Trump Loyalists, Strips Several Hundred Appointees of Their Posts on Pentagon Advisory Boards

Favors: Democrats, Total control
Collateral Damage: Conservatives
Weak Excuse: Need to assess committees for value

1/31/2021: Biden kills Trump Order Expanding Access To Opioid Abuse Treatment

Favors: Government control
Collateral Damage: Opiod addict recovery
Weak Excuse: Legal and Clinical concerns

1/29/2021: Biden Tasked Intel Community to Deal with 'Rising Tide of White Supremacy'

Favors: Communism, Gas lighting, Divisiveness
Collateral Damage: Privacy, Patriots, Unity
Weak Excuse: Racism

1/28/2021: Joe Biden Abandons Bipartisan ‘Unity’ to Force Taxpayers to Fund Abortion

Favors: Foreign counties
Collateral Damage: Americans
Weak Excuse: Global access to reproductive health care is fair

1/28/2021: Dictator Biden Signs Two Executive Orders to Restore Obama’s Failed “Affordable Care Act”

Favors: Obama's failed 'legacy'
Collateral Damage: Americans
Weak Excuse: Undoing the 'damage' that Trump did

1/27/2021: Joe Biden to Ban New Fracking Leases on Federal Lands Despite Promise Not To

Favors: Reliance on other countries for oil, gas
Collateral Damage: Low energy prices, jobs
Weak Excuse: Saving the environment

1/27/2021: Joe Biden Kills Office Protecting Job Rights of U.S. Graduates

Favors: Foreign graduates
Collateral Damage: American graduates
Weak Excuse: Better Immigration Policies

1/27/2021: Biden Creates 'Bipartisan' Court-packing Commission

Favors: Democrats
Collateral Damage: Conservatives
Weak Excuse: Studying reforms to the Judiciary

1/26/2021: Joe Biden Signs Executive Order Banning the Term “China Virus”

Favors: China
Collateral Damage: Reality
Weak Excuse: Xenophobia

1/24/2021: Joe Biden Suspends Trump Executive Order to Lower Insulin, Epinephrine Prices

Favors: Pharmaceutical Industry, Price Gouging
Collateral Damage: Lower drug prices
Weak Excuse: Trump's EO was an administrative burden

1/23/2021: ICE Agents Ordered to Free All Illegal Aliens in Custody: ‘Release Them All’

Favors: Criminals, Illegal Immigrants
Collateral Damage: American Citizens, Safety
Weak Excuse: Humanitarian Relief

1/22/2021: Biden repeals Travel Ban on Unsafe Countries, aka 'Muslim ban' according to MSM

Favors: Terrorists, Virtue Signaling
Collateral Damage: American Citizens, Safety
Weak Excuse: Jeopardizes Alliances

1/21/2021: Biden's Day 1 Executive Order on Trans Rights Could Not Be More Controversial

Favors: Mental Illness, roughly 0.6% of the US population, Unsafe Bathrooms, Unbalanced Sports
Collateral Damage: Women, Sports, Rape Cases
Weak Excuse: Transgender Discrimination

1/21/2021: Making America Less Safe With Day One Border Executive Order

Favors: Illegal Immigrants, Open Borders, Drugs, Crime
Collateral Damage: American Citizens, Safety, Peace of Mind
Weak Excuse: Waste of money, Migrants aren't a threat

Careless 1/27/2021: Biden’s Order to Stop Trump’s Border Wall Construction Will Be Costly and Also It’s Likely Illegal

1/20/2021: Joe Biden Executive Order: ‘Rooting Out Systemic Racism’ a Whole-of-Government Initiative

Favors: Virtue Signaling, Divisiveness
Collateral Damage: Actual Equality
Weak Excuse: Advancing Equity

Hypocrisy 1/21/2021: Racist Joe Biden’s First Move as President Includes Firing the Black Guy in a Power Position

1/20/2021: Banana Republic Style: Biden has Maybe 2,000 Attendees at Inauguration - and 25,000 Military

Favors: Fraudulent Election results, Dictatorship
Collateral Damage: American Citizens, Voting, Faith in the Government
Weak Excuse: Safety Threats