Part One

Over the past (almost) 5 years we have witnessed an unmitigated assault on a duly elected president and by association the people that were his allies. The policies of the administration were derided and barely given any lip service. In the last year in particular the assault reached a feverish pace staring with impeachment proceedings which were unfounded and accumulating with an assault on the seat of government of the United States.
It was not just a political battering by politicians, but it was exemplified by the media in all forms. It was obvious from the start of the presidential campaign in 2015 that the media in all forms were opposed to Donald J. Trump. When he shocked everyone and won in 2016 it sent the media and their cohorts into apocalyptic shock. The negatives against him were constant and he compounded the issue with his New York bravado mentality.
Joseph Goebbels said (when he was propaganda minister of the Third Reich) that if you tell a lie enough times it will accepted as fact. It seems that the media anti-Trump campaign has proven that out. Donald Trump never learned to temper his brashness and his ego just reinforced it to his detriment. The media blamed him for what he did and what they perceived he should have done.
We started the year of 2020 with Trump being only the third president to face impeachment. Of the other two impeached presidents, Andrew Johnson survived impeachment by one vote in the Senate and Bill Clinton survived along party lines. Mr. Trump also survived along mostly party lines. The country was deeply divided and before that event was even completed, we were attacked by the virus that originated in China. When Mr. Trump banned all flights from China he was branded as xenophobic. He was being paranoid, said the media. During the 2020 presidential campaign, his opponent stated that the Trump did not do enough to prevent the virus from attacking the country. The media parroted that line.
The examples abound and just further state the closed nature of the media to anything that could have been construed by the populace. Another example that was buried by the media was Operation Warp Speed. That was the development and approval of the vaccine in record period. It was only after the election on November 3rd that the media even begrudgingly gave credit to the Trump Administration for this remarkable achievement.
That is just part of the background. Let us look at the effects and the results:

Part Two

There are certain elements of the United States that not only makes it unique but allow it to thrive. Some of those elements are secret voting and the perception of the safety and integrity of voting, the ability to have upward mobility based on skill sets and mental acumen and to be able to relocate as one wishes, freedom to practice religion and assembly, but also own property.
The ability to own property and to be able to buy and sell property has been enshrined in our laws and guidance since the founding of our republic. No one questions that right (currently).
The ability to work and earn as you please should be based on one’s abilities and will hopefully continue to be an acceptable component of our freedom and skills. It was not always that way, but as a country we are working constantly to allow all citizens the right to use their own skill sets to improve themselves and their families without recourse of any kind.
Freedom of Religion and Assembly are part of the basic rights that we fought for in the Revolution and are enshrined along with other guaranteed rights in the Bill of Rights.
The safety and integrity of voting is perhaps the one pillar of our foundation that may be most in peril. This, more than any other area, is reliant on perception. We must believe that when we vote it is treated as a secret, personal event. We must believe that the vote will be tabulated accurately and that all other votes will be treated in a like manner. All the votes will be recorded and presented as a total and are available for review.

Part Three

What has occurred in the election of 2020 has created the perception that the voting is not accurate, and it was tabulated using illegal means. The doubt of the integrity of the votes has been outlined in many questions. Those questions include, but not limited to, the use of mail in ballots, proper witnessed tabulations and verification, voting machine(s) accuracy and reporting accuracy. Those events have gotten almost 50% if not more of the voting population to question the foundations of the liberties we enjoy in this country.
What occurred on January 6th in the Nations Capital was an amassing of the feeling of disenfranchisement of a large percentage of the American public. The politicians (on both sides) bickered and blamed one another without spending the effort to try and work out any items for the betterment of the American people. The media contributed to not only the events leading up to this calamity, but to continuously blaming one group of people over others.
This one event and the subsequent ramifications will either cement us in a more central solution or will be become a crevice that will further divide the country until such time as the damage cannot be repaired.

Part Four

I feel that it is only right for me to present a solution. This solution is my idea and I lay claim to it. I do believe that we need another resolution to what has occurred on November 3rd.
We must realize that the Constitution requires the various states to make their own rules and be responsible for the ballots, counting and verification of the election results. We also must acknowledge that the Constitution requires electors be elected to elect the President and Vice-President of the United States.
Most importantly we need to acknowledge that we are a representative republic, not a democracy.
In simple terms there are two levels of our government: Federal and State. Only the federal requires a national vote and is dependent on the sum of all the states votes (and electors). On the state level, each state determines their elections, who may or may not be candidate and what qualifications are required to run for any office within the respective state.
The Federal elections are driven by the Constitution and have an elections date (the first Tuesday in November, notwithstanding Sundays) and office seekers qualifications. You must be a native-born citizen of the United States, lived continuously for 14 years in the states (includes military service) and be at least 35 years of age.
I believe we need to have a two-tiered election system. The state elections will continue as they do. The federal elections will be held as now stated, but that we would two caveats. The first is that the ballot shall be exclusive to the federal election and may not be encumbered by any other ballot. Further, the voting shall be tabulated in accordance with governing laws and done by a separate team of counters. The second item is that the voters must vote with a national voter registration card and must be presented when the voting occurs.
There are other areas that may need to be addressed, but this is my solution. I have tried to keep it simple.

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