When I was growing up I used to listen to a radio program called “Let’s Pretend.” And that is just what the Democrat Party is doing right now. “Let’s pretend that we won the election fairly.” And with the complicity of a thoroughly rotten judiciary, justice department and major media they are getting away with it. The number of ostriches in the Washington Republicans is growing daily and they need to be primaried out, starting with Mitch McConnell, if he doesn’t succumb to old age first.

With John Roberts as chief justice I will not place ANY faith in getting constitution-based justice from this court. It’s a shame that real patriots such as Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito have to be subservient to the likes of Roberts, who has shown time and again his disdain for the rule of law.

And then there’s Mike Pence! I recall him waffling on principle as governor of Indiana to LGBT pressure and that streak is still alive and well today. He had EVERY right to correct the travesty of illegal elector votes but instead did the cowardly thing and feigned inability to it. He will forever be the Benedict Arnold of our day and I think that history will bear it out.

Recriminations abound from our representatives and political pundits as to why Trump lost but the truth is plain and simple: the conspirators in charge of vote tabulation were going to manufacture enough fraudulent votes to overcome any deficit.

And every left-winger and never-Trumper is now gleefully joining in the fray claiming a more ‘impeachable offense’ and even criminal conduct – the sky is now the limit as to what they pile on the President. Each one is trying to out-do the others previous accusations of criminality. ‘1984’ anyone?

The vast number of people who still believe in the President must band together and overthrow the big tech companies who are doing exactly what the Nazi’s did in banning free speech and burning (or denying the publishing of) books. Their strangle-hold on access to the internet and media in general is nothing short of tyrannical and our government is doing nothing to reign it in.

I truly fear for our nation and what these next four years portend. Will there be anything left to salvage from our once-great Republic?

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  • senecagriggs  
    I think many of us fear the direction of our country - without a moral compass, such as a creator God, all nations ultimately fail. To paraphrase Rep Nadler, "God has nothing to do with this." It is at that point that we fail.

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