To think that I would create a current issues and edgy website is definitely not something I envisioned at any point in my life.

Friends and family have been asking me to send links, videos, etc to help them stay aware of the current issues (wuflu, riots, elections, sports, etc) as I tend to peruse many sites for facts and perspective. This prompted me to come up with this site as I feel that millions of Americans are longing for the same information.

I am tired of being the silent majority and want to do something. This great country was founded by individuals who decided to take a stand for liberty and freedom, knowing there would be backlash and consequences.

My quick story - the last 2 books that I read in 2019 were '1984' by George Orwell and 'Mission Critical' by Mark Greaney (I picked it up at the airport and had no idea it was about a communist country creating an aerosol based flu-like contagion). To see both of those plots unfold before our very eyes was unthinkable when I read them. Of course the communist Chinese government and some woke groups have been perpetuating the Orwellian landscape for years, but to see them try to become mainstream is unnerving, to say the least.

The fact that those 2 books were randomly chosen now feels like a sign, perhaps even some divine providence.

My background is a data analyst, software engineer, entrepreneur, strong unwoke leanings and a God-fearing Christian.

For now I must stay anonymous as we are all aware of the unethical power that the cancel culture has amassed.

Our goal at is to gather patriotic-loving Americans to give voice to our side. We strive to educate and give accurate analysis of data - something you will never see from the mainstream media (msm). If we can help give you ammunition in your daily battles with the Woke Idiots that you talk to, then we are on the right course.

The Left / Socialists / Woke Idiots control our schools, media, social constructs and much more. We need to take them back and not stay silent any longer.

--unwoke expert

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  • Catherine Zeidler  
    It is very refreshing to find this site! If you have a mailing list, please add me.

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