After months of rioting, err peaceful protests, I started looking into the breakdown of democrat run cities to Republican run cities. OK, I will cut to chase - there are no Republican run cities with major riots, mainly because there are no Republican run cities - period.

Let's take a virtual tour of some of the largest cities, their political make up and how they are doing. You will probably agree that we should ONLY do virtual tours and never visit these cities again by the end of this blog.

So we are off to Minneapolis, MN, where all of the peaceful protesting began! Everyone here is mad at their local government and police, so clearly they must be Republicans, right? Well let's see, every mayor since 1961 (that's 59 years of socialist control) has been a democrat. OK, so the city council must be the problem. There are 13 wards and not one Republican. How about the police chief or union boss - both democrats. The governor, attorney general, and both U.S. Senators are ALL democrats. And now that they are de-funding the police, they give you guidelines on how to safely be mugged by criminals. You get what you vote for.

The riots, I mean protests, got more violent as we head to the Left Coast. Seattle is so bad that they created their own autonomous zone. They must have serious conservative leaders that they are rebelling against, that's the only solution. Wrong again. No Republican mayor since 1956 (64 years of socialist control) and all 9 districts are run by democrats/socialists.

How about Portland, OR, it must be different. Nope. All democrat mayors since 1980 (40 years of socialist control). The 4 city commissioner positions are democrats. Not only that, but there has not even been a Republican commissioner for 30 years.

The pattern is obvious to anyone with a brain. That leaves out most Woke Idiots.

So are there any large cities with Republican mayors? Or when was that last time some of the largest cities had Republican mayors? This graph is beyond words:

Mayors 2020

These numbers were all pulled from InfoGalactic and other public sites. The fact that only 2 of the 14 cities (LA and NYC) have had Republican mayors this century is staggering in its own way. The other 12 cities have had democrat / socialist / communist control at the Mayoral level for over 2 generations. The * for NYC is for Bloomberg. He may have run as a Republican but is definitely not one and is not counted in this graph.

It seems almost criminal that these cities have no Republican mayors and 4 of them haven't had one in over 80 years. Let that sink in. Are any of these metropolitan areas glowing examples of low crime neighborhoods or virtuous places to live? We must start retaking our city councils and school districts, one city at a time.

These mayors that didn't stop the violence were 100% complicit in the actions of the rioters and I say again, You Get What You Vote For. These politicians were fine with their neighborhoods burning to get their agendas completed by any means necessary, which is via Antifa and Marxist-led BLM. The democrats do their best to say Nothing to See Here as they don't want to show how inept their ideologies are. Most of the mayors were fine with the Defund the Police movement until their houses were targeted (and they of course had personal bodyguards the whole time).

Well our trip has exposed the liberal and socialist cities for what they are. The flight from these cities due to the riots and the propensity to shutdown when someone coughs is going to be massive over the next few months. Perhaps that can be an opening to retake some of these cities and rebuild them with strong leadership.

--unwoke expert



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