It's fairly easy to spot a Woke Idiot, they can be identified by:

No Common Sense
Runs on Feelings
Virtue Signals Constantly
Any White Person with Dreadlocks or a Man Bun

They are easily triggered by:

MAGA hats
Nuclear Families

But then there's also the sneaky Woke Idiot that is able to exert some self control and appear reasonable. To find out where they stand on political and culture issues, ask them what they would do if someone came to their door and said:

I am from the government and I am here to help!

The average Unwoke person would take a hard pass to this stranger. They would either politely dismiss them or slam the door in their face. These are the people who know the government does not exist to help the citizens. They would rather rely on their own skills and individual talents to succeed in life.

However, the Woke Idiot would excitedly invite this kindred spirit into their safe space. Cue the Enya music and heart emojis around their new best friend who is here to help them unsolicited! Their responses would range from:

  1. Thank you for coming to see me! I didn't even realize I needed your help but you obviously know what is best for me!

  2. Excuse the mess. I just returned from a peaceful protest and was just washing the tear gas out of my eyes.

  3. Would you like some coffee and where's my check?

  4. Wait a second, are you a cop? If so, then @^&$@&$%#%#@&$%@%@%!!!!

As you can see, there are different levels of Woke Idiocy. These responses started from the most meek level (aka Snowflake) and went to the extremely hate-filled, no job, closed-minded rioter. All levels are just different varieties of emotion-induced responses. Everything they stand for and talk about revolves around how it makes them feel.

A good example is Subaru. Have you ever wondered why 95% of Subaru owners are Liberals? Their pitch is Subaru = Love. So they know the Woke Idiots will say "I am going to buy a Subaru because it makes me all warm inside." There is no logic in buying the car, just feel good emotions.

So, how do you talk with someone like that? You DON'T use logic. Ben Shapiro has many great videos on this subject. You must use emotional rhetoric when discussing political topics. If they fall into one of the last 2 answers, you might not even want to talk to them as they might be too far gone and not worth your time.

Try out that question on unsuspecting friends and see what answers you get. You might realize you have found a Woke Idiot that you can reason with, someone to completely stay away from, or possibly a new good friend!



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