The entire reason sports exist is to allow fans an escape from the real world. People want to get away from the stress of life and root for a team. It used to be a way for those on both sides of the political spectrum to get together and just enjoy a game or event. Not any more.

I am going to be blunt - it is stupid to follow a sports team if 1 player does the right thing and 99 others don't. Here's a good example: You are a true Unwoke American and live in a blue state (unfortunately I fit that description). Your Woke Idiot governor does one good thing over 4 years and everything else was pure liberal / socialist crap. Would you vote for him/her just because they actually did one thing correct? Then why buy gear from the NFL, NBA, MLB or NHL when we know they are just liberal pawns. Why say it's ok to go to a game because no one on your team kneeled, but BLM is painted on the field and all over their jerseys?

There are several stories where one player doesn't kneel, or someone puts a non-Woke name on their helmet ( Yes, it is a good thing that one person in all of the NFL actually honors a fallen police officer, but that is NOT a reason to endorse the team or buy their gear. Realize that when you buy a jersey or hat, ALL of the proceeds go back to the NFL, which in turn gives their profits to BLM and then it is funneled to democrats.

When looking at income, Lebron James and others allegiance isn't to their teams and leagues. They make more from Nike and are beholden to those Woke corporations. Nike even pays millions to NFL drop outs who aren't good enough to play anymore (cough - Kaepernick - cough). I have thrown out every piece of Nike clothing and gear in my house. I encourage everyone else to do that and tell friends and family members to NOT buy anything from Nike. If you do receive a gift that is Nike, burn it or toss it. Don't give the Fascist company free publicity by donating it.

Don't get drawn into their marketing. The sport leagues and teams are intentionally playing both sides to try and stay alive. All of these leagues use revenue sharing and are focused on making money, not producing a fair and enjoyable game.

Their true Woke philosophy is apparent in everything they do.

We should not go back to sports when the kneeling stops. That will happen one day and when it does, it just means that the leagues are desperate for the fans to return. It doesn't mean their intentions are any different. We need to see that they are not just stopping 'being bad', but they are actively going to 'do good'. They must meet our demands:

  • denounce BLM, Inc. and Antifa

  • match funds to patriotic charities that they put into BLM, Inc

  • stop allowing players from making political statements while they are on the job (since none of us are allowed to do that)

  • denounce China slave camps and endorse freedom for Taiwan (psst NBA, we're looking at you)

  • require that sponsors stop supporting BLM, Inc, and if they don't, then the league ends contracts with those companies

  • Donate 2% of all tickets to law enforcement and military personnel for every game for the next 20 years

Every day that passes while they continue this facade, more fans will leave and never return. It can be difficult to modify our behaviors of watching games, but it's necessary if we want to show these Woke leagues that we can play their political game. If they are going to throw terrorist groups like Antifa and BLM, Inc. at us, then we can just walk away from them.

Once the owners of these professional teams start losing even more money (more than 1/2 of the pro teams don't even make a profit), they will slowly come around. Draw every ounce of self control that you have, and don't just jump on the bandwagon when they apologize. Force them to SHOW patriotism and put their money where their mouth is.

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